Orpheus Incarnate By CurioNoir

Tiffany Jean, the owner and creator of CurioNoir never had a face for me as a child. When mum spoke of her, I associated the name with a collection of smells. Years later I know the face and beautiful soul of Tiffany, the woman who gave me little candles and wax moulds as a child. When I think of her now, the first thing that comes to mind is the smell of my living room which has the scent of CN candle 'Feather of Tears'. For years, each room in my house has smelled of a different scent, thanks to Tiffany.

My perfume for the past two or so years has been 'Tobacco Night', and at the time it was one of only three fragrances that CN had cultivated. This month their newest perfume Orpheus Incarnate is being added to a growing family of now eight aromas.

Orpheus Incarnate, to me, smells like a fairy would, if it were to fly past and touch you on the cheek. It's subtle, light and floral, not too strong or overpowering but fresh like the ocean or the wilderness on a quiet morning.

Orpheus Incarnate draws inspiration from its historical Greek namesake, and what form the legend might take today — it embodies the darkness and musical lyricism that the God represents. To accompany this new scent is a beautiful short video.

The photos I've taken include a silk scarf designed by Miss Crabb for CN, a hand-blown CN perfume bottle with black diamond jewel by Hera saabi and an old CN fragrant bottle of 'Purotu Rose'.

CN-2416 copy.jpg
CN-2391 copy.jpg
CN-2399 copy.jpg
CN-2417 copy.jpg

AUT Rookie Backstage 2018


I didn't get the chance to spend much time backstage, but I managed to get a few shots for you. In the 10 minutes I had, I managed to say hello to all my lovely friends/models and had a closer look at a few of the garments. I always find it interested to see the clothes up close compared with how they look and sit on the body of a model.

Rookie_2018 (1 of 56).jpg
Rookie_2018 (4 of 56).jpg
Rookie_2018 (7 of 56).jpg
Rookie_2018 (8 of 56).jpg
Rookie_2018 (9 of 56).jpg
Rookie_2018 (5 of 56).jpg

AUT Rookie 2018


I always enjoy seeing the Rookie show each year. I love seeing what the third year fashion students of AUT create, given the skills, resources and creative freedom they have to dive deep into who they are. These are my favourite designers from this year's Rookie show.

Lavinia Ilolahia    @ laviniailolahia

Lavinia Ilolahia @laviniailolahia

Jessica Walker    @ mess_made

Jessica Walker @mess_made

Teresa Fififa

Teresa Fififa

Chico Williams

Chico Williams

Geo Smith    @ geosmithstudio

Geo Smith @geosmithstudio

Priyanka Rana   @priyankaranastudio

Priyanka Rana @priyankaranastudio

Grace Vanwyk   @grace_vanwyk_studio

Huffer AW19


Huffer turns 21! The same age as me! What better way to have a 21'st than to have a huge gig/party!
Huffer was held at The Powerstation this year and had US rapper Desiigner performing (The guy who did that track 'Panda'). 
Huffer's collection this year was focused heavily on jackets! Epic puffers in a range of beautiful bright colours were mixed in with camos. There must be a camo winter coming, as we have seen a lot of camo prints come through lately...
Another cool thing going for Huffer's collection this year is that $10 from any People Presence product purchased from Huffer stores or online will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation. Let's get the conversation going guys!