Miss June - Bad Luck Party

Sweaty, pink in the face, bruised all over and grinning from ear to ear! I only wish I could do it all again, like right now would be good! Last night was the Album release of Miss June's long-awaited full-length album. Long-awaited but bloody well worth the wait!

After performing Wellington on Friday night, the band came back to their home town to thrash it out at Galatos. A great line up preceded the band and got the crowd riled up and dancing their hearts out. It was my first time hearing the artists 'Na Noise' and 'Mikaela', and despite the light being so bad that I got like no photos they were both hella mean. I look forward to hearing more from them! Returning home with Miss June was' ‘Daffodils’ who opened for the band down in Welly. As per usual, Daffodils had the crowd singing at the top of their lungs and dancing/leaping around, such a good buzz.

By the time three acts had gone, Galatos was packed almost to bursting point. I swear as the band came on the mosh started right then and there. Yet once the first song started, it managed to find another gear. Amps were pushed around, stage dives were commencing, the crowd was screaming. There were moments where I could see my mates heads popping up in the middle of the mosh, but they were few and far apart.

Let's do it again soon Miss June. Everyone needs to let go, scream their emotions out more often.

Oh and check out Miss June’s new album ‘Bad Luck Party’ its bloody good!

Na Nosie

Na Nosie



I've closely followed Girlpool's journey over these past years, specifically, since I heard the song Bla Bla Bla for the first time. Friday was the first time the band had been to NZ, but they still pulled a good-sized crowd at Galatos.

Joining the duo was lovely Jasmin who is 'Being.' performing and reciting her beautiful poetry, exciting things are happening with her, as the release of her first music video approaches!

Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad have both evolved both as people and as musicians since the release of their Ep ‘Girlpool’ back in 2014. The best friends released their third album 'What Chaos Is Imaginary' earlier this year, and although voices have altered, and looks have differed the two have produced a very Girlpool album. Their sound is still fun, just now with more layers of sounds and richer instrumentation on top of the original vocals, bass and guitar.

But vocals, bass and guitar were what Girlpool brought with them to the show on Friday. It made for such an intimate time, and far more powerful experience. I look forward to the day they come back to NZ and to see where their lives take the two of them.


Kirin J Callinan


Where the hell do I start?

With Kirin flipping his guitar then dropping it, his stories about cocaine-filled partying with fellow Aussie singer Angus Stone, or the way he'd wrap the mic cord around his neck almost to the point of asphyxiation.

Clad in nearly full camo, workman's pants and a red beret, Kirin must have hit up the army surplus on his way to the show. He'd also rock a fantastic pair of snakeskin cowboy boots and pencilled on moustache.

Coming out of the show I was speechless and giddy. How was it possible to be so captivated by a performance for over 2 hours! We'd follow him moving up and down the venue; backstage for an acapella rendition of S.A.D. - utterly bizarre. There were moments where he'd ask for silence, and the crowd would hush. He had everyone in the palm of his hand.

Towards the end of the show, Kirin insisted on reproducing one of his fears/nightmares. Asking the crowd to leave slowly during the song till only kirin way left playing to an empty room. It only took a moment until people realized he was dead serious, we were ushered out as he performed to a dwindling crowd an then, silence. He's a fantastically unusual character.

Kirin's latest album, 'Return To Centre' was recorded in a garage in just 14 days, due to Guitar Center's 14-day return policy, from where all of the recording gear was purchased. Cheekily, of course, he'd return it all on the last day for a full refund. It's really good. You need to check the album out.

"That was the weirdest and most engaging and best show I have ever witnessed." - Buster Darragh Major


Little Simz

Even rapping in the heart of the mosh packed amongst her hot, sweaty fans Little Simz didn't miss a single beat. The ferocity and technicality of her rhymes are incredibly impressive in a live setting, she just does not stop.

This was just such a feel-good gig. Yea, the tunes were a hoot, and her band was excellent, but it was her stage presence that really did it for me. Beaming from ear to ear for the entire show, she just brought such a life-affirming vibe to the crowd. It's underrated when artists smile when performing; I feel it noticeably raises the energy of the show and the people who come out to see. Plus, it's just great to see an artist showing genuine love for their craft as well as the people who come out to see it.

Little Simz's album GREY Area is pretty stellar, if you haven't checked it out then get on it man what are you doing? Also, if you get the chance to catch her live I cannot recommend it highly enough.

-Buster Darragh Major

Photos by Madeleine Brighouse-Mayo