October - Ultra Red

I pulled friends along the other week to see October headlining her own show at Whammy to celebrate her Album 'Ultra Red'!

Here are my thoughts and photos from the night! And the photos of course, are all very red.

Wellington musician Maxwell Young was the opening act to get the crowd ready for Emma, and that is precisely what he did, the crowd singing every word at the top of there lungs to his song ‘Right here‘. I'm interested to see where he’ll go in life and how his music will evolve. Go cheer him out on Spotify.

October has a place in my heart after standing in the cold with her for hours listening to Cherry Cola! But hey we all looked f#cking cool in the music video. So I was one of the fans who waited patiently for the release of her album. To see what loud grunge, electronic, beast she had created.

Ultra Red makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs and dance around the room! And that's what I do mainly to the song Bruxism.

@octob_r @maxwell_young

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The Beths - Future Me Hates Me Tour

Hey sorry again for getting these picks out late. It is my downfall, letting my editing pile up.

So The Beths the other week, Holy f#ck!

As always they were great! Playing their new album, 'Future Me Hates Me', which I have been playing on repeat a lot lately! Love it!

Some major news for The Beths, they are touring with one of my favourite bands 'Death Cab for Cutie', I am so excited for them! In fact I was jumping up and down when I found out.

I asked some of the band 'The Question', If you don't know the question well here it is:

What is the song that best represents who you are as a human, represents you? What song describes your fears, your hopes, your beliefs, your wishes your dreams, who you are at your core, whether it is one of your own songs or not. This question is not what is your favourite song or what song you wish represented you or a song that resonates with you. It's if you were a song what would it be?

For both Liz (Elizabeth Stokes) & Jon (Jonathan Pearce) decided that what best in-bodies who they are is…


Drummer for this show was Katie Everingham.

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Huffer AW19


Huffer turns 21! The same age as me! What better way to have a 21'st than to have a huge gig/party!
Huffer was held at The Powerstation this year and had US rapper Desiigner performing (The guy who did that track 'Panda'). 
Huffer's collection this year was focused heavily on jackets! Epic puffers in a range of beautiful bright colours were mixed in with camos. There must be a camo winter coming, as we have seen a lot of camo prints come through lately...
Another cool thing going for Huffer's collection this year is that $10 from any People Presence product purchased from Huffer stores or online will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation. Let's get the conversation going guys!


Huffer Backstage AW19

I always enjoy watching a show come together, watching the make-up artists at work, and the hair stylists create the coolest looks. And backstage at Huffer was no different. The girls had a great look that looked like paint had just been splatted over there lips. Poor things wanted to lick or purse their lips.  The rest of the look was simple and classic. Here are my shots from backstage at Huffer.