What I Wore Day 1 of NZFW 2017

Zambesi_NZFW_2017 (7 of 2).jpg

Now please understand this is not me going - look what I have and who I'm wearing - because this is not. This is acknowledging the beautiful, craft and quality of these NZ designers. I'm fortunate to be able to borrow some items from friends/mum/designers. 

As it was Zambesi last night, I stole some of my mum's vintage Zambesi pieces that she had hidden away with a beautiful set of Meadowlark rings, my classic jeans and Dr Martens. Ok, cool that's done. I hope that wasn't showie-offie cos I hate doing that. I only want to pass on my love for these designers onto you. 

Photos thanks to the Talented Amazir Aknine

Hair thanks to Dave Weaver at Stephen Marr

Zambesi_NZFW_2017 (6 of 2).jpg