AUT Rookie 2018


I always enjoy seeing the Rookie show each year. I love seeing what the third year fashion students of AUT create, given the skills, resources and creative freedom they have to dive deep into who they are. These are my favourite designers from this year's Rookie show.

  Lavinia Ilolahia    @ laviniailolahia

Lavinia Ilolahia @laviniailolahia

  Jessica Walker    @ mess_made

Jessica Walker @mess_made

  Teresa Fififa

Teresa Fififa

  Chico Williams

Chico Williams

  Geo Smith    @ geosmithstudio

Geo Smith @geosmithstudio

  Priyanka Rana   @priyankaranastudio

Priyanka Rana @priyankaranastudio

  Grace Vanwyk   @grace_vanwyk_studio