Parquet Courts Live @ Laneway Festival

Bloody hell, Parquet Courts were so hectic!

If I had to choose my most fun artist that I enjoyed the most (but only a little more than other acts of course), it would have been Parquet Courts.

After I danced and took photos in the pit* for the first three songs, I had to push and elbow my way through the crowd to get to my mates. There I am in the middle of a mosh that is going nuts with everyone dancing their hearts out, with my camera! Torn as I wanted to dance and mosh so bad but at the same time scared shitless that my camera was going to break. Thankfully it did not!

It was a fantastic set. I could not get enough of their bassist running around the stage like a nut, and I loved their guitarist/whistle/pianist's, John Lennon look.

*Photography pit where the security guards stand.