Lucy Dacus

I've been a bit embarrassed to post this as I don't believe I did my best when shooting Being. or Lucy.

Arriving at The Tuning Fork I realised my camera battery was about to die, so I began using it as sparingly as possible. I only managed to get a few shots of Being. and Lucy before my camera craped out. The lesson here is always to check and charge your batteries or even better buy a spare and keep it on you (which I'm still yet to do)

So after my baby died, I had the pleasure of watching and singing at the top of my voice. You all know how I love Being. and the music she is creating, but this performance was mixed with moving poems which struck a chord with me. With a grin on my face (thanks Being.) I waited patiently for Lucy! She and her band did not let us down. As their last show on tour, I hope that we as an audience did not let them down and I believe we didn't, swaying, singing and cheering Lucy's name. She spoke of how ducked (you know the word I mean) of a place she thought America had become so I reckon she and her band should just come live here in New Zealand.

It was a great night despite my technical difficulties.