A Day With James

Words by Eliza Graham and Imagery by Madeleine Brighouse

James’ approach to our ‘interview’ on Saturday was somewhat unorthodox. His receptive manner and cheerful attention became somewhat of an impediment; the day bounced between tomfoolery and productivity. James’ contribution to the occasion brought a wealth of unconventional ideas that lead us down a dark and travelled path that bled into the Wild West. Posed guitars and phony cowboy hats dictated the introduction to our photoshoot. Pertinence? Throughout our stolen time, we gained an earthy and down to earth taste of James’ character.

James in his lounge having a little jam.

James in his lounge having a little jam.

It was easy to see that James is assiduous when it comes to focus on his musical craft. All he uses is his laptop and a small interface to record each sound element, which he then smoothly edits together. His resourcefulness may become germane when it comes to his ambition to travel in the future, ideally whilst showcasing his music along the way. His attention to the transitional age period he is currently entering is received as a ripe opportunity. “Without experimentation, a willingness to ask questions and try new things, we shall surely become static, repetitive, moribund” - judicious and relevant words spoken by Anthony Bourdain, who was a chef, author, travel documentarian, and James' big stimulus to travel. The night prior to our interview, the sad news of Bourdain’s death was announced and James injected a thought for the passing of such a personally influential man. He has played a considerable role in his life, shaping and inspiring James' musical development and future prospects.

Front Right is James brother Henry Thorrington

Front Right is James brother Henry Thorrington

James’ attitude reflected his considerate view on life; we shared a lively and frivolous day, speaking of important affairs. When asked if he would rather have fully functioning penis fingers or have a tiny fragment of his body displaced and randomly distributed anywhere in the world (subject to sensation) every time he opened his mouth and spoke, until eventually he ceased to exist as a whole; James preferred the latter. His bold reasoning: “Second one. I would talk on purpose. Because I could either live restricted or live the complete opposite of restricted, and be completely spread out. I wouldn’t look like anything.” Personally I think this is rash; imagine living in a fragmented reality, you are everywhere and you cannot die. That would be scattered hell, but each to their own; James is a confident guy. His music is established, savvy and will make your head swirl in all it’s wavy textures. Pop a listen to his recent debut solo tune ‘Mystery Caller’ and you will notice it’s subtle hooks and progressive signature, a working fuse of classic pop and off-centre funk with modern themes. Though this is only the second song he has released since going solo (previous exposure as part of Yukon Era and Altered Blondes), James' music promises some really interesting and original blends in the future. Stay tuned for more groovy beats from him in the future.

We went for a walk and ended up finding these kids who wanted there photos taken too. James in  Stolen's  ' The Amplifier Jacket ' and 'New English Tee', with  Rolla's denim  and a pair of  Le Specs .

We went for a walk and ended up finding these kids who wanted there photos taken too. James in Stolen's 'The Amplifier Jacket' and 'New English Tee', with Rolla's denim and a pair of Le Specs.

Having a cuppa tea and chat in the kitchen. James is wearing  Stolen Girlfriends Club  'Bone Machine tee'

Having a cuppa tea and chat in the kitchen. James is wearing Stolen Girlfriends Club 'Bone Machine tee'

Seamless Presents...

I went to The Turning Fork the other night to see a Seamless gig. I went having seen and heard Openside and Altered Blondes in the past. But it was my first time hearing Foley, and I fell in love! I've been playing their new single 'Settle' on repeat! I hadn't seen, Abdul Kay before either and I loved him! He was great with the crowd and very funny, I loved his set. Check out his new single. As for Altered Blondes, it's always loud and grungy just how I like it! And for Openside, just the way they can amp a crowd up and have them all singing every lyric to there songs! The passion that all these bands have, I can't wait to see the places they all will go!