NZ Musician Presents...

This gig was a lot of firsts. My first time seeing all these bands perform live. My first time properly meeting Iris G after years of catching each other’s eye at gigs and only talking over social media. Iris G won last years Smokefree Rockquest's solo-duo. I can’t wait to see the places she will go, and hopefully, I’ll get to shoot them! 
I was very moved by Being's performance. Having heard so much about Jasmine Balmer's mesmerising sound from friends, I was so excited to hear Being Perform for the first time. Another artist that will be going places. 
To be honest, I’d never heard of BEACHWARE until seeing them. But I fell in love with their summer like feel; they reminded me of late nights on the beach and surfing. 

So here are my pics from a Wednesday night gig at The Wine Cellar, presented by