Bene Live @ Laneway 2019

So funny story about Bene.

Its starts with me entering Laneway. I walk around, taking photos and hanging with friends, the whole time people keep looking at me. "It's cos I'm looking so great!" I thought vainly, in my Jimmy D top and belt, my Lonely hat and Dr Martens. After about 2 hours, people started coming up to me and saying how much they loved my singles and asking whether they could get a photo with me. I found everybody's look of embarrassment at realising that I'm not Bene to hard to bare, so if you see pictures of me with adoring fans, Soz.


Daffodils at Tuning Fork

I've had the pleasure of seeing Daffodils grow and release music over the past few years and in fact, I been able to get to know them. Which has been a funny delight. But that's another story (A Day with Daffodils, coming soon...)

The gang headlined their very own show at Tuning Fork!

Opening for them was Bene (who is performing at Laneway Festival! So get your tickets) Have you heard her new single 'Soaked'? Go have a listen then!

Daffodils sold out their all age show and man it was packed 400+. It was a fantastic show, everyone singing every line at the top of their lungs. I gave up shooting because all I want to do was dance and sing with everyone else, which I did.

The band was on-cored to play two more songs. My personal favourite of their covers 'Dancing with Myself' and playing their new single 'A Leo Underwater' again due to the demands of the crowd.

@benemusicc @daffodilsarenotforkids

daffodails (33 of 8).jpg
Isaac  @saactingbruv  (Soz bro the light was hard to work with from where I was)

Isaac @saactingbruv (Soz bro the light was hard to work with from where I was)

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