Jojo Ross AW20

The punchy industrial techno music that kicked off Jojo Ross’s Autumn Winter 2020 show shocked the audience into focus. Models strutted out into the purple lit runway in sharp futuristic tailoring and bold surreal prints. 

Jojo’s collection drew inspiration from David Lynch’s masterpiece ‘Mulholland Drive’, and it showed. The music and lighting created an atmosphere that was eerie yet captivating, and the garments looked futuristic and bold. The surrealism was expressed through phantasmagorical prints of beaming colours, peculiar shapes printed on black velvet, and bold reflective silver fabrics. The outerwear looked like business attire from the future, with fierce silhouettes, heavy zippers and sleek pockets. The looks were powerful and brave, and the models bore razor edged sunglasses, glaring menacingly at the cameras at the end of the runway. 

While the AW20 collection is bold and captivating, it’s also simplistic and considered. The garments are beautiful but wearable, cut in refined shapes. The jackets and jumpers feature dropped shoulder sleeves with a balloon silhouette, and the pants and skirts hug the body with a subtle flare towards the bottom of the garment.

Jojo Ross’s collection displayed an adept ability to enthrall and shock an audience and express a theme with coherency, while showing clothing that anyone could, and would love to wear. The show wasn’t just an exciting experience, but an exhibit of Jojo’s expertise in creating well thought out, interesting, and downright beautiful garments.

Words Hugh Sandlant Images Madeleine Brighouse-Mayo


Company of Strangers Nails

JoJo Ross:  Surrealism Jacket  and  Daydream Rib Top . 

I’m a sucker for anything music related, so when Company of Strangers brought out their new nail collection named after songs and artist they listen too in the store, I just had to try it! With inspiration from Bowie, to Nirvana, The Cult and others. So I decided to do a little shoot with model Cait from The Others Agency and Beverly Lim on Make-up! 
My favourite shade would have to be Major Tom inspired by Bowie.
The Coverage of these polishes are fantastic; they are so pigmented and have a great long wear life. 

So here are some shots of my favourite shades......

With Special Thanks to Underground Sundae, JoJo Ross, The Other Agency, Beverly Lim and Company Of Strangers


Underground Sundae  LOBSTER HOOPS  and HOLDING ON NECKLACE with Will's own clothes.

Underground Sundae LOBSTER HOOPS and HOLDING ON NECKLACE with Will's own clothes.

I'm very lucky to have this angel in my life as one of my best friends. I hate him all the time cos he always looks so amazing in everything! And I agree with all my heart with Will's choice of song that best represents him. Go check this angel out @willorlxndo

Special thanks to Unique Models, Underground Sundae, Meadowlark Jewellery, Jojo Ross, Jarrad GodmanMaakie and Kingsize Studios for helping me make this possible.

Styling and Photographs by Me!