Little Simz

Even rapping in the heart of the mosh packed amongst her hot, sweaty fans Little Simz didn't miss a single beat. The ferocity and technicality of her rhymes are incredibly impressive in a live setting, she just does not stop.

This was just such a feel-good gig. Yea, the tunes were a hoot, and her band was excellent, but it was her stage presence that really did it for me. Beaming from ear to ear for the entire show, she just brought such a life-affirming vibe to the crowd. It's underrated when artists smile when performing; I feel it noticeably raises the energy of the show and the people who come out to see. Plus, it's just great to see an artist showing genuine love for their craft as well as the people who come out to see it.

Little Simz's album GREY Area is pretty stellar, if you haven't checked it out then get on it man what are you doing? Also, if you get the chance to catch her live I cannot recommend it highly enough.

-Buster Darragh Major

Photos by Madeleine Brighouse-Mayo