Kirin J Callinan


Where the hell do I start?

With Kirin flipping his guitar then dropping it, his stories about cocaine-filled partying with fellow Aussie singer Angus Stone, or the way he'd wrap the mic cord around his neck almost to the point of asphyxiation.

Clad in nearly full camo, workman's pants and a red beret, Kirin must have hit up the army surplus on his way to the show. He'd also rock a fantastic pair of snakeskin cowboy boots and pencilled on moustache.

Coming out of the show I was speechless and giddy. How was it possible to be so captivated by a performance for over 2 hours! We'd follow him moving up and down the venue; backstage for an acapella rendition of S.A.D. - utterly bizarre. There were moments where he'd ask for silence, and the crowd would hush. He had everyone in the palm of his hand.

Towards the end of the show, Kirin insisted on reproducing one of his fears/nightmares. Asking the crowd to leave slowly during the song till only kirin way left playing to an empty room. It only took a moment until people realized he was dead serious, we were ushered out as he performed to a dwindling crowd an then, silence. He's a fantastically unusual character.

Kirin's latest album, 'Return To Centre' was recorded in a garage in just 14 days, due to Guitar Center's 14-day return policy, from where all of the recording gear was purchased. Cheekily, of course, he'd return it all on the last day for a full refund. It's really good. You need to check the album out.

"That was the weirdest and most engaging and best show I have ever witnessed." - Buster Darragh Major