Snail Mail

One of my most favourite things about being able to be part of Music here in New Zealand is that I get to watch from the shadows as artists grow stronger and get these great opportunities. I experience feelings of pride and joy, which is funny because a bearly know these artists, I just know their work. But every time a see Maxwell perform, I can see how much stronger and more comfortable he is on stage. Oh, Maxwell was opening for Snail Mail if that wasn't clear.

So at the dark, gloomy stage of Galatos played Snail Mail. 19-year-old Lindsey Jordan and her band performed one of the dreamiest indie sets I’ve seen. Unfortunately, due to elements out of Snail Mail's control there were some sound issues. This did not take away from the enjoyment of the show. The crowd and I sang to every song and swaged to their dreamy sound. But I could see the frustration coming through on Lindsey's face as she and the rest of the band battled with the sound crew to change the sound during the set. This is just proof of the talent within Snail Mail that even through adversity, everyone still had a wonderful time and loved every minute of it! Let’s also not forget that the show sold out! So hopefully that means they will be back soon again!

Maxwell Young  @maxwell_young

Maxwell Young @maxwell_young


October - Ultra Red

I pulled friends along the other week to see October headlining her own show at Whammy to celebrate her Album 'Ultra Red'!

Here are my thoughts and photos from the night! And the photos of course, are all very red.

Wellington musician Maxwell Young was the opening act to get the crowd ready for Emma, and that is precisely what he did, the crowd singing every word at the top of there lungs to his song ‘Right here‘. I'm interested to see where he’ll go in life and how his music will evolve. Go cheer him out on Spotify.

October has a place in my heart after standing in the cold with her for hours listening to Cherry Cola! But hey we all looked f#cking cool in the music video. So I was one of the fans who waited patiently for the release of her album. To see what loud grunge, electronic, beast she had created.

Ultra Red makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs and dance around the room! And that's what I do mainly to the song Bruxism.

@octob_r @maxwell_young

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