What I Wore Day 4


My last outfit for this year's Fashion Week. Trashy old jeans ($1 in junk shop) My Dr Martens cos what else? Plus my vintage Wrangler leopard print coat (Can you guess where I got from?...Trade me). With a classic plain white tee with this beautiful Lock Choker from Meadowlark, combined with my own meadowlark pieces but I think I need to get some more fingers.

Hair thanks to Dave Weaver at Stephen Marr

Photos thanks to Gabrielle Stoddard

NZFW_2017 (12 of 15).jpg
NZFW_2017 (9 of 15).jpg

What I Wore Day 2 of NZFW 2017


Holy sh!t look at these pants!!!!!!!
I met Nicola when I modelled for her awhile ago. That's when I fell for her custom denim! 
She was so generous when I asked if I could wear them during fashion week. 
One day I'll get her to make me a pair of my own.
So for this outfit, I am pretty much head to toe in Levi's, White Levi's top and custom painted Levi's. Classic stacked Docs, and my favourite vintage leather jacket that I got from trade me, (I think I paid $25 for it, madness). Accompanied with Meadowlark's beautifully crafted metal and stones.

Photos thanks to the talented Amazir Aknine

Hair thanks to Dave Weaver at Stephen Marr


What I Wore Day 1 of NZFW 2017

Zambesi_NZFW_2017 (7 of 2).jpg

Now please understand this is not me going - look what I have and who I'm wearing - because this is not. This is acknowledging the beautiful, craft and quality of these NZ designers. I'm fortunate to be able to borrow some items from friends/mum/designers. 

As it was Zambesi last night, I stole some of my mum's vintage Zambesi pieces that she had hidden away with a beautiful set of Meadowlark rings, my classic jeans and Dr Martens. Ok, cool that's done. I hope that wasn't showie-offie cos I hate doing that. I only want to pass on my love for these designers onto you. 

Photos thanks to the Talented Amazir Aknine

Hair thanks to Dave Weaver at Stephen Marr

Zambesi_NZFW_2017 (6 of 2).jpg


Everyone needs a punk feminist to look up too, and Annabel is that for so many people! (Annabel is part of the band Miss June) My inner sixteen-year-old self-was jumping for joy when she agreed to be part of this project. It's not often one gets to hang and shoot one of their idols (shhh don't tell her tho, I'm trying to play it cool). 
The song that is Annabel, that best represents who she is as a person, and her ideas and beliefs are is ...

This is my final collection of portraits for this series of people. Thank you to everyone who took part in helping me create these images! Kingsize Studios, Meadowlark, Taylor, Underground Sundae, Jimmy D, Maakie, The Others Agency, Jojo Ross and Jarrad Godman.