Maggie Rogers

I've seen some fantastic acts over the years, but I have never seen someone perform who is more genuine and overwhelmed by the support of the crowd. I was too far away to be sure, but I think Maggie cried a little after the crowd sang every word to the last three songs. I've heard this time and again at shows, where artists mention how amazing an NZ crowd is, and that it's like nowhere else. This show got me wondering if it is actually true.

Maggie Rogers’ ability to captivate an audience from start to finish was a performance in itself. Her energy had the crowd buzzing while her raw talent brought tears to the eyes of some. Maggie is the kind of artist that connects with your emotions as well as your ears. A special few deserve the appreciation she received at her Auckland show, but she most certainly did. “ - Tim Tolley

So during the three songs I'm allowed to shoot, I kind of ran up and down, by the end I got pretty tired then I jumped into the crowd and danced around. But man, I don't know HOW Maggie does it, she ran, pranced and leapt around and not once did she appear tired!

She did this thing that really amazed me, as I've not seen anything like it before. She brought up the subject of how hard it can be going from the highs of a show to the lows that can come afterwards, and how hard it can be so hard to cope with and manage. For her last song, Maggie asked everyone to be silent while she sang a capella, and towards the end she would slowly fade out.

Now for Stella Donnelly. Damn girl, she was funny! What a wicked sense of humour. My Welsh heritage greatly appreciated Stella mimicking her mum's Welsh accent. She seemed like such a cool person and man she could sing!

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Shakey Graves

I stumbled upon Shakey Graves at the first ACL (Auckland City Limits) festival, having never heard him before but finding myself in the middle of the mosh with everyone dancing around me. They were all stamping their feet and clapping to the beat. Hearing that he was coming back to New Zealand, I knew I had to see him again because since then I’ve followed all his work and have loved his new album 'Can't Wake Up' (although 'And the War Came' is still my favourite).

“He had a fracking cool stage presence, and the amount of sweat he had by the end of the show, was directly equal to how much fun I had (a lot)” - Ellie Blower

It was like being transported back to that festival, there was even a similar crowd of people. The woman dressed in hats and long maxi dresses with tassels, ages ranging from younger (so me) to older. Everyone was stamping to the beat and clapping their hands once again. I was impressed by the shear amount of string instruments on stage, like nine guitars!