I was really pleasantly surprised by Skegss and the show they put on. Going in I didn’t expect the show to be as relentlessly fun as it was. From songs about beer, surfing and literally nothing, I admired the way the band didn’t take themselves really that seriously. No one ever said Skegss makes the most original music but with their laidback attitude and crackup personalities, who cares? Sometimes you just need a gig with fast, noisy garage rock and a mosh of mostly underage kids to share it with.

The highlight of the show for me what when Tony, guitar and bass extraordinaire had a bottle thrown at his head then jumped into the crowd to have a scrap with the dudes who threw it. Yea, it probably wasn’t very professional, and he apologised afterwards saying he got a rush of blood to the head, but I thought it was pretty sick. If you haven’t seen Skegss live, I’d highly recommend. Just a lot of fun!

Same Name Confusion opened for Skegss with a set that was pretty nuts as well. These dudes are from Wellington and have an EP out ‘In Theory’, check it out its pretty dope. They have such a great stage presence, and I know for sure almost everyone in the crowd became fresh fans that night. Such a sweet find on such a mint night.

- Buster Darragh Major


Skegss Live @ Laneway 2019

This was the first act that really had me thrilled, and a little worried!

It was loud music that just made me want to mosh, would have been a little hard to do in the photography pit though, which is right where security stands if you've never seen me shoot.

At times I was worried for my own safety but mainly for my camera. It was a mission trying to fight my way out of the crowd then trying to locate my mates. In the end, I didn't want to risk the safety of my camera and watched the end of the set from the back! Damn tho, it was a great set and made me want to dance and throw myself into the crowd.