I, like many others, stumbled across HOZIER while Take Me To Church was dominating the airways. A thematic ode to sex and humanity, it caught my attention instantly, and soon after I found myself having well overplayed the song. After that, I never really revisited HOZIER, at least, not until a party when their catchy rock number 'Jackie and Wilson' came on, after which 'Someone new' happened to play as well. These two songs have stayed in my heart for the past few years now. I can't help but remember my best friend every time I hear them; they sum her up so perfectly.

I knew HOZIER's new album 'Wasteland Baby' would be worth listening to, especially since was at one point The USA Billboard No.1.

Wasteland Baby has such a strong opener, 'Nina Cried Power' is my favourite on the album. It references artists like Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell, James Brown, and John Lennon, to name a few. It talks about the battle for equality that these artists championed for, a campaign that remains ongoing and necessary to this day.

Hollie Smith was a natural artist to open for HOZIER, but I was shocked to hear that she had never opened for an artist before. Singing with that soulful voice of hers, she made the crowd boogie, and I couldn't help but dance.

Their presence on the stage was clearly well choreographed. Band members had the biggest grins on their faces, running up and down stage. I think I counted seven including Andrew (aka the main guy we're talking about here). Overall, the night left me well impressed with the band's skill and experience, certainly not one to be forgotten any time soon!