Company of Strangers Nails

JoJo Ross:  Surrealism Jacket  and  Daydream Rib Top . 

I’m a sucker for anything music related, so when Company of Strangers brought out their new nail collection named after songs and artist they listen too in the store, I just had to try it! With inspiration from Bowie, to Nirvana, The Cult and others. So I decided to do a little shoot with model Cait from The Others Agency and Beverly Lim on Make-up! 
My favourite shade would have to be Major Tom inspired by Bowie.
The Coverage of these polishes are fantastic; they are so pigmented and have a great long wear life. 

So here are some shots of my favourite shades......

With Special Thanks to Underground Sundae, JoJo Ross, The Other Agency, Beverly Lim and Company Of Strangers

Tia Feng X Gabrielle Stoddard

I did this project a while back with Gabby.

I had the pleasure of styling this shoot with some amazing pieces of Tia Feng, accompanied with pieces from Lonely, Jimmy D, Underground Sundae and Dr Martens.
I fell in love with her prom Queen dresses so much that I may have gone out and bought one. Shh don't tell my mum, cos she already thinks I have too many clothes. 

Photographed by Gabrielle Stoddard

Models Wednesday from 62 Models and Sophia from The Others Agency

I can't wait to see what fun things this gurl does at fashion week this year!


Everyone needs a punk feminist to look up too, and Annabel is that for so many people! (Annabel is part of the band Miss June) My inner sixteen-year-old self-was jumping for joy when she agreed to be part of this project. It's not often one gets to hang and shoot one of their idols (shhh don't tell her tho, I'm trying to play it cool). 
The song that is Annabel, that best represents who she is as a person, and her ideas and beliefs are is ...

This is my final collection of portraits for this series of people. Thank you to everyone who took part in helping me create these images! Kingsize Studios, Meadowlark, Taylor, Underground Sundae, Jimmy D, Maakie, The Others Agency, Jojo Ross and Jarrad Godman.


On the 10th of April 2012 I was shooting with Black magazine in King size Studios (where these images were taken in fact!), when the coolest kid turned up wearing her hair in plaits and a Nom D tee. We were both too intimidated by each other that we didn't dare go over and meet. We were both 14 at the time. Fast forward 2 years to when we started chatting online, not knowing we had kinda met in the past. Now, this cool kid who still wears plaits in her hair is one of my closest friends! Thanks, my little Galfling 

Nina's pick of song is below and I feel that it definitely represents her!

Check her out @nina.vanlier

Karen Walker Lady Hellkats biker Jacket (Nina's own Jacket) with  Meadowlark Taboo hoop earrings

Karen Walker Lady Hellkats biker Jacket (Nina's own Jacket) with Meadowlark Taboo hoop earrings