A Day With Daffodils

Eliza and I had the pleasure of spending the day shooting the band ‘Daffodils ’ a few months back. ‘Vixen Vintage Boutique’ from K-Rd were cool enough to lend a few of their clothes for the occasion as well as ‘Creepwear’ from Wellington and Dave Weaver from Stephen Marr contributed his hair-styling skills for the day!

Here are my images accompanied by the famous Eliza’s Words…


Emerging 80’s inspired, quirky pop-synth, new wave, indie alt surf rock band Daffodils is hitting the New Zealand music scene with energy and confidence! The tight four-piece band is composed of Theo on guitar and vocals, Louis on Bass, and BV’s, Isaac on Drums and Jade offering the dreamy synth on keys and BV’s. These guys, albeit young, have been in the game a little while now and have managed to establish a scene of devoted fans already. Here’s my perspective on the operation of the band:


Lyrically prosperous and proficient, Theo has been the content generator since 2012 in the early days of Headroom (a prior band to Daffodils). Roaming Western Springs College layered like an onion back in the day, he has always had a strong presence and has certainly aided the band’s growth into a band that demands to be taken seriously. Theo’s guitar competes with his own vocal timbre in a powerful, notable and somewhat surprising battle for someone of his still budding experience. An ideal front man with an unprecedented, humble appreciation for appreciation; every gig I’m always elated to see how elated Theo is to see how elated the audience is!

Theo: Shirt and Pants thank to  Vixen

Theo: Shirt and Pants thank to Vixen

Isaac means business. He has always shown up to practice well practised and his drumming is a big reason why Daffodil songs have so much spunk. Isaac has been with the band since the beginning and has been a big part in determining Daffodils distinctive, kick-ass sound.

Issac: Dr Martens thank to  Vixen

Issac: Dr Martens thank to Vixen

Jade’s thoughts are often inscrutable, her collected and reserved attitude gives her a mysterious spark. Ultimately cool, Jade totally helps cement the band’s endearing and slick stage presence.

Jade: Shirt thank to  Vixen

Jade: Shirt thank to Vixen

Laid-back Louis seems to take it all in his lanky typical bass-player stride. With a strong personal interest in music production, Louis brings a range of ideas and emblematic bass grooves to each song, that epitomizes his developing style.

Louis: Jacket thank to  Vixen

Louis: Jacket thank to Vixen

Louis: Shirt thanks to  Creepwear

Louis: Shirt thanks to Creepwear

This assembly of determined, central Auckland kids could have a real shot at getting somewhere in this diverse and open-minded music industry that has proved to have a real taste for their upbeat, progressive and energetically nostalgic sound. Daffodil’s influences include artists such as The Cure, David Bowie and a lot of new-wave and British pop bands. Theo said, “I grew up listening to everyone from the Sex Pistols to Aretha Franklin, and I think that pretty much everything we hear shapes the way we write in one way or another!”  Each member functions on a quirky appreciation for one another and their passion to create really jammable music together. They are currently in the process of recording an EP which will be available on Spotify in the coming months. Listen out for a range of new content with an impressive capture of the dynamics this band can deliver. Daffodils have a savvy foot in the door, keep an ear on them...

Eliza Graham.

Theo: Shirt thank to  Vixen

Theo: Shirt thank to Vixen