Carb on Carb + Friends


Before their journey to Japan, Carb on Carb spent a night at Whammy Bar playing alongside their mates.

It was Blush Juliet's debut show, and even though they commented it would be their last, I hope it won't be! Their set was very enjoyable. Looking for to their single that's coming soon.

Ana Te Kōtiro was breath taking. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. As her beautiful voice boomed, her hand was moving so quickly using her looping controller. She would loop four, five even six sample layers with not a single mistake (well, not that my ears could pick up). I came away feeling very inspired!

Being., the graceful Jasmine Balmer is always mesmerising to watch. She has a way of being (hehe), so calming while still brings forth emotions of both fierceness and bubbling joy.

Finally one of New Zealand's coolest Emo-Punk bands 'Carb on Carb' played their set. Ok, so you know how I can be a bit fangirl, it's quite embarrassing at times. But I want you to know I played it cool while asking Nicole and James to sign my records of theirs (which was so not cool). Carb on Carb is off on their first ever Japan tour. Performing their worldwide acclaimed album 'for ages', my favourite album they have released yet. Good Luck Guys, We'll See You When Your Back Home.

Blush Juliet

Blush Juliet

Ana Te Kōtiro

Ana Te Kōtiro



Carb on Carb

Carb on Carb



I have loved and coveted the music which Listener creates, and it means a lot to me. I don't have favourite bands, but Listener is the most important to me.

OK Yeah, I fangirled hard and got all 6 of my vinyl signed. I wore my Listener t-shirt from the last time they performed here in New Zealand about four years ago at Parachute Music Festival. No! I didn't cry during their performance because I'm a stone cold bitch, but I did have the biggest grin on her face.

I often ask people 'The Question' which if you don't know its:

What is the song that best represents who you are as a human, represents you? What song describes your fears, your hopes, your beliefs, your wishes your dreams, who you are at your core, whether it is one of your own songs or not. This question is not what is your favourite song or what song you wish represented you or a song that resonates with you. It's if you were a song what would it be?

Just because I was fangirling didn't mean I was going to give up this opportunity to ask Dan Smith 'The Question.'

His response made me smile because it was another song I knew well and loved.

1997 by the smashing pumpkins.

Listener performs as if no one is in the room, they get so emotionally invested in playing. Lepping around in bare feet and pulling faces at one another and at times looking heartbroken and as they might fall apart.

This performance touched me just as they did fours years ago as a 16-year-old. I didn't take many shots because it would have never been an accurate representation of the show. Instead, I lived in the moment.

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October - Ultra Red

I pulled friends along the other week to see October headlining her own show at Whammy to celebrate her Album 'Ultra Red'!

Here are my thoughts and photos from the night! And the photos of course, are all very red.

Wellington musician Maxwell Young was the opening act to get the crowd ready for Emma, and that is precisely what he did, the crowd singing every word at the top of there lungs to his song ‘Right here‘. I'm interested to see where he’ll go in life and how his music will evolve. Go cheer him out on Spotify.

October has a place in my heart after standing in the cold with her for hours listening to Cherry Cola! But hey we all looked f#cking cool in the music video. So I was one of the fans who waited patiently for the release of her album. To see what loud grunge, electronic, beast she had created.

Ultra Red makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs and dance around the room! And that's what I do mainly to the song Bruxism.

@octob_r @maxwell_young

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