What I Wore Day 3

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The first show of the day was Jimmy D so of course, I wore my favourite Jimmy D pieces. The MAGIC CITY dress James made for my ball and the B*WITCHED crop top! I was so lucky to be able to wear a large lock necklace from Meadowlark. With my classic stacked Docs, a vintage Levi's leather fringed jacket from Trademe, paid like $25 for it. 

Hair thanks to Dave Weaver at Stephen Marr

Photos thanks to Gabrielle Stoddard

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What I Wore Day 2 of NZFW 2017


Holy sh!t look at these pants!!!!!!!
I met Nicola when I modelled for her awhile ago. That's when I fell for her custom denim! 
She was so generous when I asked if I could wear them during fashion week. 
One day I'll get her to make me a pair of my own.
So for this outfit, I am pretty much head to toe in Levi's, White Levi's top and custom painted Levi's. Classic stacked Docs, and my favourite vintage leather jacket that I got from trade me, (I think I paid $25 for it, madness). Accompanied with Meadowlark's beautifully crafted metal and stones.

Photos thanks to the talented Amazir Aknine

Hair thanks to Dave Weaver at Stephen Marr