Death Cab For Cutie

First I must say one thing that's been on my mind before I get into the joy of seeing my favourite band again.

There were times I felt angry watching Death Cab perform, seeing so many people around me on their phone, talking very loudly to one another, or being so drunk that they would shout the same thing over and over again, e.g. play the song 'I will follow you into the dark!', one lady must have said that maybe 15 times, of course they will play it, it's their top song. I felt like shouting at everyone around me to stop what they are doing and have some respect or leave! Ok, rant done! Promise.

I've been listening to Death Cab For Cutie since I was a 5-year-old (thanks mum for giving me a musical education). I first saw them live maybe three years ago at the Saint Jame theatre before it shut its doors. I did not believe my favourite band would come back so soon. I was delighted to find that they were going to be part of the Auckland Arts Festival. Now my photos do not do this performance the justice it deserves. I wish they could relay how tight a set it was, how well they all worked together. You could see that they have been working together and performing for a long time. Everything was perfect, perfect at some moments for me at least. You could probably guess, but I sang at the top of my lungs for every single song! And I loved every minute of it. I would bet $100 that my mum, sitting two rows behind me would have been crying for most the show!


Snail Mail

One of my most favourite things about being able to be part of Music here in New Zealand is that I get to watch from the shadows as artists grow stronger and get these great opportunities. I experience feelings of pride and joy, which is funny because a bearly know these artists, I just know their work. But every time a see Maxwell perform, I can see how much stronger and more comfortable he is on stage. Oh, Maxwell was opening for Snail Mail if that wasn't clear.

So at the dark, gloomy stage of Galatos played Snail Mail. 19-year-old Lindsey Jordan and her band performed one of the dreamiest indie sets I’ve seen. Unfortunately, due to elements out of Snail Mail's control there were some sound issues. This did not take away from the enjoyment of the show. The crowd and I sang to every song and swaged to their dreamy sound. But I could see the frustration coming through on Lindsey's face as she and the rest of the band battled with the sound crew to change the sound during the set. This is just proof of the talent within Snail Mail that even through adversity, everyone still had a wonderful time and loved every minute of it! Let’s also not forget that the show sold out! So hopefully that means they will be back soon again!

Maxwell Young  @maxwell_young

Maxwell Young @maxwell_young


Beach House

The magnificent and ethereal Beach House played at Auckland's Town Hall on Monday. It was their first private show since playing at Kings Arm's 10 years ago.

I felt at peace watching their set and felt the crowd's enjoyment through their sways and quiet smiles. Beach House performed with an 'almost smug' power, laced with smoke, bold light displays and mystery. Their rolling acoustics exploited the space and emphasized Legrand's haunting vocals.

At times I wished that her hidden face was more visible, however her choice to remain shadowed added to the dynamic esoteric vibe.

The dream-pop, indie-rock band put on a show strong enough to knock certain parameters I had assumed for them well out of the way; proving that they can still impressively make some of their best stuff 7 albums into their career.


Rufus Wainwright

My mum still talks about me asking for a cigarette and a glass of chocolate at the age of 5 while running around the house singing my head off, having no idea the meaning behind these lyrics.

So to see Rufus live was a bit of a dream come true!

Sitting only two rows from the front, I had a view so fantastic I spent a whole song just staring at his outfit. There were four costume changes throughout the night, but this coat was covered in what must have been hundreds of buttons. It would have had to have weighed so much! He also wore a beautiful black feather cape which looked damn magnificent on him. Something I could see my mum wearing for sure!

Now you all know that I am not known for my way with words and indeed this post has far more words than I usually ever write, so forgive me if I don't describe the sound of Rufus' performance perfectly.

This performance was certainly not a man performing for the first time. No, this was of a man who devoted his life to music, a commitment which was felt through his singing and playing. Not a single mistake was made (at least not one a mere human would hear). Everything was performed so tightly, and the set flowed seamlessly. As the show drew on, my joy was dampand by the melancholic emotions of the music, especially for the songs 'Going To A Town' and 'Sword of Damocles'. But I was filled back up with happiness with the closing track 'Across the Universe.'

A very unforgettable night!

Opening act  Rachel Eckroth  (also the Keys/ Guitar/Backing Vocals in Rufus’ band.

Opening act Rachel Eckroth (also the Keys/ Guitar/Backing Vocals in Rufus’ band.