1000 DOORS

1000 DOORS is the sibling of the optical illusion maze House of Mirrors, created by the Australian artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney.

After going through the installation last Friday night, I had the pleasure of speaking with Christian. He told me how he had been collecting material for years before beginning this project and that he had always been fascinated by the idea of a labyrinth. He was inspired by the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose with some of his material being sourced from friends and some old black and white photos coming from opshops.

I felt that there was a multitude of doors, some with windows or gateways throughout this labyrinth. As I went through I heard a mix of opinions from fellow observers - some talking loudly about how there can't be a thousand doors, or sharing their wonder about the emotions that the experience had given them. A combination of eerie sounds, strange knocking and phones ringing composed by Tamil Rogeon make for a thrilling and uneasy experience that I can only describe as 'spooky'! I dare you to look and find all of the 1000 DOORS and here is a hint to help you find my favourite door - listen for the knocking.

1000 DOORS will be in Aotea Square till early Feb.

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Miss June X Laneway 2019

I remember the night Annabel got the call. I was busy shooting backstage at Huffer's runway show back in September. As I wander over to Annabel she puts the phone down and turns to me saying "Shit that was Laneway Festival"

And now I'm lucky enough to shoot her again.

Here's my interview with and photographs of Annabel (Miss June).

Don't forget to check her out and the rest of the band at at this years St Jerome’s Laneway!

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You said in a past interview that we did together, that the song that best represents who you are was 'Little Trouble Girl' by Sonic Youth, that was a year ago now, does this song still represent who you are? or is there another?

I think this song still applies - probably more than it did a year ago! But I am in love now so it’s tempting to say ‘Lovely Day’ by Bill Withers. 

Would Miss June have the same song to represent it as a band? Or another song?

I think because we’ve been recording our album all year that ‘What A Job’ by Devin The Dude is the one. Even though our producer doesn’t smoke hahah. 

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If everything went to plan and all the opportunities were presented to Miss June, where would you want it to go? Worldwide? 


Do you find putting on a show stressful or is there an element of it that you enjoy? If so what would it be?

I enjoy being able to choose the support bands and organise the artwork. All of those aspects can make a show really personal and special which is one of the advantages of putting on your own shows. We just signed up with Select Music in Australia however, so it’s been good to have some help with the nitty gritty. 

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If you had to teach someone one thing (say a friend or child) what would you teach/tell them?

I would try to teach them resilience especially in the face of adversity. 

Nz music has a special place in my heart, Who’s a Kiwi band your most interested in at the moment?

I love P.H.F and think that they’re making really interesting music. Also The Beths are doing some pretty amazing things at the moment! It’s been great to watch that band flourish.

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You're a Dr now was that your dream job? If not what would have been your dream job or your second dream job? 

My dream job would be as a surgeon, I’m unsure of what kind at this point but I know that I definitely take to surgery more so than other medical fields. My second dream job would be to develop robo-technology within the medical field. Prosthetics/plastics and so on. 

So now for an annoying question that everyone wants to know, When can we expect an album? 

Our Debut album will be out in 2019. 

Has Miss June as a sound changed and grown since the release of pixelated back in 2014? For the better?

Funnily enough our newer song have more of ‘Pixelated’ in them than say the Matriarchy EP did. I’ve really come around to accepting pop music writing techniques in our songs and I think that’s for the better. However a lot on our album is fairly brutal still. 

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What is the most annoying interview question that you get asked most?

See below. 

Where did the name come from 'Miss June' is there a meaning behind it? 

This is my least favourite question hahaha. I took it from a Brian Jonestown single. I met Anton a couple years later and had to sheepishly tell him I named my band after their music.. he took it well as you could imagine. 

What are your feelings around playing at Laneways 2019?

Really excited!! It’s going to be a great day. Hey

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The Wombats

This was a remarkable, difficult performance!

Remarkable being because The Wombats have been one of my favourite bands since their release of ‘Let’s dance to Joy Division' in 2009 (I would have been 12 years old). Difficult because they had so much energy running around and dancing all over the stage, Making shooting them very difficult, not to mention I was so in awe that I found myself merely watching and singing at the top of my lungs! After getting out of the photography pit and managing to push through the crowd to my friends (Man I thought I might die and get squished), I spend the rest of the night dancing my heart out and singing with strangers! A truly memorable night!

I did fangirl and hung around after the show just in case The Wombats might sign my ‘Let’s dance to Joy Division' Vinyl; unfortunately, I didn't manage to see them.

Oh and I can't forget ‘Ha the Unclear’, they were just as fantastic live as I had imaged. The mix of there quirky sound and lyrics combined with their stage presence! Flipping fantastic!

I'm looking forward to seeing them again early next year.

I spy with my little eye lots of toy bugs, can you?

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